For you. For your family

Shaping a secure and sustainable energy future

These long-lasting panels will produce green energy for generations to come.
The glass panes on both sides perfectly protect the solar cells.

Awarded quality

Our products are manufactured and rigorously tested to the highest quality and manufacturing standards in US.
We really put a lot of thought into our products so you don’t have to. Our efforts are confirmed by various awards and quality seals.

What we offer

Products and Service from Makaffo- worldwide

Energy on the roof

Our high-quality solar modules form the powerful core of your system.

Use solar energy efficiently

It’s sensible to use as much of the electricity you generate as possible yourself.

Store solar energy

Store excess solar power instead of feeding it into the grid, only to buy it back later.

Charge electric vehicles

Charge your e-car with green energy from your own roof and save money.

Solar powered heating

Around 30 percent of the energy in any home is used for heating and warm water.

Life eco-friendly

We help financial institutions, from banking and insurance to wealth and securities
Hard & Smart

Hard on the outside. Smart on the inside

Even gaseous or liquid pollutants won’t harm the sensitive solar cells. The glass is applied on both sides and lamination bonded, making it impossible for moisture or chemicals to penetrate.

  • Protection against mechanical stress
  • Protection against environmental influence
  • UV protection

For you and your family

The robust construction of our glass-glass modules makes them sustainable in every way – offering you reliably high yields for many decades to come. That’s why they come with a 30-year guarantee.

28 years
Solar market experience
We have experienced a lot and learned a lot. That's how we could become an experienced pioneer of the photovoltaic industry.
Dresden, Germany is our home, but you can now find us and our partners across the globe. And we intend to become more.
7 Mio
Panels sold
Nobody's born perfect. We had to learn that, too. But after a considerable number of installed systems and satisfied customers.
Eco-powered production
We need energy to manufacture our products. Consistently, we use only green power to manufacture the devices that let you generate.
Our latest casess

Our customers enjoy the sunny side of life - since 1993.

Product overview

For great performance and beautiful design

The discreet black colour makes this module an especially elegant
eyecatcher on your roof. The robust glass-glass composite protects the high-performance PERC cells and ensures consistently high yields. For decades.

  • High-quality design
  • Hard-wearing
  • Reliable

Thinking about tomorrow

Many of our components are produced in Germany using 100% green energy. This reduces emissions by dramatically shortening transportation routes. We carefully scrutinize our use of natural resources and design our products to be recyclable.

Your system

Modules that ace every test. Even the test of time

The robust construction of our glass-glass modules makes them sustainable in every way – offering you reliably high yields for many decades to come.

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