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    Our solutions include Automatic Stand-up Re-Closable Pouch, Bag, Cup, Jar, Box and Tray Filling.

    Powell has been a leading manufacturer of industrial packaging machinery since 1920. Whether you need a robust 1⁄4 keg bulk hardware system that will last for decades withstanding the wear and tear of packaging over 100 tons per day of hardware, or whether you need a high speed, easy to clean food packaging system, Powell’s engineers can customize the perfect solution for your product, into your containers, in your facility.

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    Easy To Use

    Our automatic bagging systems are easy to operate, require minimal staff, and deliver high speed and accuracy, saving labor and costs.

    Custom Packaging Options

    We offer vertical form fill and seal systems for various foods and Rotary Pouch systems for re-closable pouches.

    Advanced Features

    Features include an 8 Station Design, Automatic Zipper Opener, date coder, and Conveyorized High Storage Bag Magazine.

    Safety and Compliance

    Our systems have clear Lexan safety guards with safety switches for a secure working environment.

    Automatic Baggers
    Automatic Tray and Box Filling Systems

    Powell Systems’ Automatic Tray and Box Filling Systems are designed to optimize the process of filling containers with various products efficiently and accurately. They’re essential in industries like food processing and manufacturing, ensuring efficiency, consistency, and quality in packaging operations while reducing labor costs and production time.

    Semi-Auto Auger

    High-Speed Operation

    Our Automatic tray and box filling system fill up to 30 boxes per minute, with expandable options up to 150 trays per minute.

    Custom Engineering

    We Help in Tailored solutions to meet specific production requirements & Also adaptable for various products, from food items like lettuce and berries to industrial goods.

    Versatile Container Handling

    Our machine helps in Suitable for a wide range of container types, including trays, bulk boxes, and ¼ keg boxes.

    Packaging Integrity and Quality Control

    Automatic tray and box filling systems may include sensors, cameras, or other inspection mechanisms to ensure the integrity and quality of the filled packages.

    Safety Features

    Our machine prioritizes safety, recognizing that, like any industrial equipment, automatic tray and box filling systems must include safety features to safeguard operators and minimize the risk of accidents.

    Jar/Cup Handling Equipment

    Automatic Jar and Cup Filling Systems ensures a smooth flow of containers and can be customized to accommodate different sizes, shapes, and materials of jars or cups.

    Versatile Container Handling

    Quick-change parts facilitate seamless adjustment to various container sizes and types.

    Capping or Sealing Equipment

    Automatic Jar and Cup Filling Systems may include capping machines, sealing machines, or lidding equipment to apply caps, seals, or lids securely and consistently.

    Quality Control and Inspection Systems

    Automatic jar and cup filling systems incorporate sensors, cameras, or other inspection mechanisms to ensure the quality and integrity of filled containers.

    Customizable Filling Speeds

    Adjustable filling speeds allow for optimization based on product viscosity and container type.


    Since 1920, Powell has been an industry leader for packaging systems engineered to exceed our customers’ container filling needs. Automatic Jar and Cup Filling Systems are used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals to efficiently fill jars and cups with various types of products. These systems are designed to automate the filling process, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and high throughput.

    Multi Ingredient System

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    Frequently Asked Questions
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    Can Automatic Bag Filling Machines be integrated into existing production lines?

    Yes, many machines are designed to be integrated seamlessly into existing production lines, providing a smooth and efficient packaging process

    What are the benefits of using an Automatic Bag Filling Machine?

    The benefits include increased efficiency, reduced labor costs, improved accuracy, minimized product waste, and enhanced product presentation.

    How can I maintain and clean my Automatic Bag Filling Machine?

    Regular maintenance and cleaning are essential. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for routine checks, lubrication, and cleaning to ensure optimal machine performance and longevity.

    Are Automatic Bag Filling Machines customizable to specific product needs?

    Yes, Powell offers customization options options to tailor the machine to your specific product requirements, including bag size, filling speed, and material handling.

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    Yet too often some very cultural artifacts really lead the business down the certain routes.

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